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Reasons to Choose DisinfectCa

DisinfectCa, part of Monroe Diversified Companies, Inc. is happy to provide our customers with a disinfection consultation to discuss their specific needs and determine which solution would work best for them. Our knowledge, training, testing, integrity and comprehensive approach are all reasons why we have been successfully providing sustainable solutions since 1998.

The Problem:

According to data from John Hopkins University of Medicine, this modern day virus has infected over 4.5 million and resulted in over 308K deaths worldwide. This data is as of mid-May 2020 and will sadly continue to increase. The spread of the virus has forced the strongest US economy in history to its knees, causing historical unemployment and business closure numbers.
Undoubtedly, few things have disrupted our day to day life more than this latest pandemic. Sadly, it has infected and adversely affected people across the globe, while putting homeowners, businesses, schools and other government structures in a state of anxiety as they worry whether the relentless virus, like all viruses, will re-infect their homes or buildings. Large venues, movie sets, offices or homes; what never changes is the fact it’s not about the buildings, it’s about the people inside.

Things to Know About the Spread of Viruses

This pandemic is a novel virus that is spread from person to person, often by being close enough to absorb respiratory droplets from an infected person after they cough or sneeze, hence why states and the federal government are issuing social distancing protocols to keep people at least 6 feet away from each other. In addition, touching a surface the virus is living on, and then touching your eyes, face or nose could also lead to you catching the virus.

Some research has shown the virus can last on surfaces for as long as 7 days, making it essential that commercial building owners and managers have a plan in place to help stem the spread.

To fight back against this and other viruses, bacteria and mold infections, Disinfect CA, a Monroe Diversified Companies, Inc. company, is one of the few companies providing a comprehensive approach to creating safe spaces. Using only the best of two technologies in three ways, we help protect the people that matter most. Family, friends, urgent care or first responders– we protect the people who protect you. Our unique, sustainable UVC solutions are complemented by a more conventional botanical disinfection approach to creating safe spaces for your employees, customers and families to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of these technologies and the solutions they offer.

The Solution:

The Benefits of UVC Light Disinfection

DisinfectCA is specifically certified in Virus disinfection and provides sustainable solutions, thus removing liability for business owners, meet reopening requirements, establish trust with customers and giving you, your family and customers the peace of mind found in a safe space.

Most companies only offer chemical answers with possible certifications in water damage restoration, janitorial service or carpet cleaning.

Would you want your mechanic to perform a Norwood procedure or minimally invasive cardiac surgery?

Of course not, you want a true expert.

While “normal” or even “deep cleaning” might get rid of some dirt on the surface, testing easily proves that viruses are left behind to spread and multiply within the confines of your home, business, eldercare facility, school, restaurants, gyms or wherever host cells can be found.

Disinfection kills viruses, bacteria and mold, so you will need not worry about some remnants of these threats being left behind.

Safe and Powerful hospital grade UVC light towers attack the deadly virus at the molecular level. In fact, doses of UVC irradiation at the 253.7nm wavelengths cause irreparable damage to the virus at the DNA/RNA level by breaking the chains linking the DNA strands thus destroying the very organism. UVC systems have been used for decades in hospitals, manufacturing and water treatment facilities. They are a safe, chemical free, way to assure a “safe space” for those who may be sensitive to chemicals.

Our engineered permanent installations allow facilities to use the power of two types of UVC lights to disinfect areas, counters, furniture and most every surface like metals, plastics and electronics, safely without the constant application of chemical agents.

Engineering these permanent solutions takes into account the size of the area, distance, intensity, shape and contents of the disinfection zone. We automate the lights to eradicate viruses while the areas are unoccupied and shut down when approached. We continue our innovation through the use of Far-UVC technology that allows us to create safe spaces that disinfect while occupied. We extend the safe spaces by turning normal air conditioning systems into HVAC disinfection machines scrubbing airborne viruses, mold and bacterial threats from the air 24/7.

You, your customers and family will feel rest assured knowing you’re using a proven solution that is devoid of chemicals. This will provide the reassurances they need that they’re entering a safe environment.

The Benefits of Fog Disinfection Services

Safe EPA / CDC / FDA Botanicals deployed by specialized “fogging” equipment gives us the power to destroy this silent enemy.

Our unique sustainable UVC solutions are complemented by a more conventional approach to creating safe spaces for your employees and customers to enjoy.

Botanical disinfectants are applied to surface areas in the form of an 8-40 micron sized fog or mist as a method used routinely in the food and health industries. The purpose is to create and disperse a disinfectant aerosol to reduce the number of airborne microorganisms and to apply disinfectant to surfaces that may be difficult to reach.

Fogging is achieved using either electrostatically charged particles that surround objects and cling or purpose-built systems like thermal foggers or misters to effectively eradicate viral, bacterial and mold threats. Fogging/misting allows us to treat contact areas in safe effective way and often removes odors.

This process, if properly applied using specifically designated equipment, is also safe to use on common plastics, metals fabrics, electronics and food preparation areas as they are FDA approved.

The process is almost dry to the touch upon application and must remain on surfaces for 20 minutes to achieve its effective log (disinfectant) test results.

Our Treatment Certification Placards

Winning Back Customer Trust is as easy as 1,2,3 With Our Treatment Certification Placards & Social Media Videos

Disinfecting is only the first leg of the race to winning back customers. Placing our Disinfection Certification placard in your window and sharing your disinfection video assures customers you have created a safe space for them to enjoy.

  1. Disinfecting alone will not win back customer trust. If they don’t know you are in compliance with CDC disinfection protocol you can’t hope to build trust. When you show your customers you care, you build confidence and trust and that results in success.
  2. Testing your businesses vulnerable areas allows us to quantify sanitization standards and disinfection protocols are within CDC recommendations. The system can evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning materials and chemicals, measure the performance of environmental services staff, and ensure compliance with standardized cleaning protocols. We test and document the results using the latest, most accurate ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) testing equipment used in hospitals and microbiological laboratories. The CDC recommends monitoring cleaning thoroughness with an objective measurement tool.
  3. We give you our independently tested certification placard and a video of the disinfection to “show the world” you care about creating a “safe space” healthy environment for them to enjoy.

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